Jonas Valanciunas 18 Points Full Highlights (11/5/2013)

I sometimes feel like the Toronto Raptors fanbase as a whole is pinning too many of its hopes on the play of Jonas Valanciunas. He’s not even that good, really. He’s firmly in the realm of “okay”. But Raptors fans were sure that he was going to be an All-Star this year, and elevate their team from “joke of the league” to “potential 7th seed spoiler team”. The only way I can see that happening is if all of their average players simultaneously take the leap into above-average. And Rudy Gay stops chucking the team into oblivion.

That doesn’t mean Jonas doesn’t have potential; he actually has tons of it. But he’ll never reach it if he doesn’t start getting more minutes. He’s a young semi-polished prospect; he needs minutes. I don’t see why they don’t just give him ALL the minutes. Who’s his backup anyway? Aaron Gray? That guy sucks.

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