Chandler Parsons 23 Points Full Highlights (11/9/2013)

I must admit, I liked the previous iteration of the Houston Rockets a lot better than the current version. The old Rockets were underdogs, played like maniacs, and shot tons of threes. The new Rockets have Dwight Howard. Talk about a bad fit. They should have just grabbed Ryan Anderson or something and called it an off season. No need to diva up the team with a diva-ey diva.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still like Chandler Parsons. I love him. They need to get him more touches. That means fewer Harden isos, fewer Howard post-up disasters, and fewer Lin turnovers. Hell, just run the offensive through him. The Jazz are doing something similar with Gordon Hayward, and their season is a rousing success so far.

Something tells me Harden wouldn’t react well to being a role-player. But with the chemistry of the team already so messed up it can’t hurt to try. Cheesy-P for prez!

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