Mike Scott 17 Points Full Highlights (11/9/2013)

Mike Scott has apparently added three-point range to his game during the off season. This seems to be a trend among marginal big-men; they must figure that any skill they can add will only help their chances of sticking in the league. And it’s probably one of the more straight-forward things to add, just take tons of shots every day during the summer. Channing Frye did it, and look at him now. Forget about Marquis Daniels who tried it and is now out of the league. He’s just a weird exception.

Hell, I bet I could shoot NBA threes too if you gave me a whole summer with an NBA quality practice facility and a rebounder. Better than shooting at my local park where the rims are harsh and every miss sends the ball careening away so that I have to run after it. I tell you, the best part of being an NBA player would be the pristine courts you have free access to at all times.

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