Steve Blake 19 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (11/10/13)

In the NBA the new and the shiny are valued way above the old and known. Let’s say that someone like Victor Oladipo got this line of 19 and 8. Imagine the social media posts from fevered Magic fans. “Just give this guy ROY already, #SMH.”, “Rest of the league, are you even trying?”, “Oladipo confirmed for beast”, “My personal self-worth is based on the performance of a kid putting a ball through a hoop, and this is considered normal behavior.”

But, alas, it was Steve Blake who put 19 and 8 last night. And I don’t think there was any buzz at all about his sweet performance. Except for one post on a Lakers forum that read “Steve Blake had a pretty good game tonight”.

Which he did. He did indeed.

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