Derrick Favors 21 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (11/11/2013)


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1. Derrick Favors

This guy is just a solid big man with potential. He has no illusions about the extent of his range, meaning most of the shots he takes are make-able. The third overall pick should be able to give you a little more, but 14 and 11 is actually pretty good in today’s NBA. We’ll call him a half-bust because no big man should shoot below 50% from the field. If prime Derrick Coleman was still in the league, Favors would have to say goodbye to his first-place spot on our list.

2. Derrick Williams

The bust sirens are going off in earnest now. Derrick Williams is a tweener who can’t do anything, and thus, has no role on the Timberwolves. Not a good shooter and only okay on the glass, I can’t even remember why he was picked so high. There’s only so many lobs you can catch from Ricky Rubio until you have to display some potential.

3-9998. [empty set]

9999. Derek Fisher

Wrong spelling of Derrick, but way better than the meatball who shows up next.

10000. Derrick Rose

The most overrated player of all time as well as the second-worst MVP of all time after Wes Unseld, Rose is currently shooting 33% from the field on 16 attempts per game and has negative win-shares. Chicago fans will tell you all about “injuries” and “supporting cast”, but he hasn’t even been good since his second year in the league. He also was too stupid to pass the SAT, sat out a whole season when his knee was perfectly fine, and fancies himself a three-point shooter when he isn’t. At all. If my name was Derrick I would he higher up on this list than Rose is.

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