Andre Drummond 16 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (11/12/2013)

Remember when Brandon Jennings said it was going to be lob city in Detroit?

That was a lie.

Well, there are some lobs being thrown, but Jennings is not the one throwing them. He’s too busy jacking up shots like a maniac. It’s a good thing that the remainder of the team outside Jennings are competent passers or Drummond would never see the ball.

That’s the peril of adding a splashy player during the off-season. Sometimes it just screws everything up. This is supposed to be the Pistons year (It seems that people say that every year, but this year is different guys, really, you have to believe me). Drummond would take the next step and Monroe would solidify his position as a top 5 big. Obviously it’s early for this kind of stuff, but the Pistons haven’t impressed me at all this year.

That’s what happens when you get Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith. You screw everything up. This year and the few that come after it will be known in the future as the lost years of Drummond’s career before he mercifully got traded to the Seattle Bucks.

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