Greivis Vasquez 17 Points/12 Assists Full Highlights (11/13/2013)

One of the weirdest statistics of last year was that Greivis Vasquez lead the league in total assists. Injuries to the elite point guards helped his cause, but still. It’s like that year Jerry Stackhouse lead the league in points; he was a good player, but would anybody put him in the top tier of scorers that year?

What people forget about Greivis last year is that he was a total turnover machine. He seems to have solved that problem so far this year, despite his assists going down as well. He’s also shooting the ball a lot better, so although his raw stats are lower he’s probably having a more positive impact on his team.

He’s also leading the league in being Venezuelan. I don’t know any stereotypes for that country, so if anybody knows a few, please, leave them in the comments. I want to be able to use them for next time.

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