Khris Middleton Career High 19 Points/4 Assists Full Highlights (11/13/2013)

So, apparently, Khris Middleton is a starter-quality player in the NBA. Well, yes and no. How the Bucks define “starter-quality” and how the rest of the league defines the term are two very different things.


Starter-quality. Adjective. A human being, at least six feet tall, who is capable of sustained periods of running and jumping, or has been in the league for at least ten years.

Rest of league:

Starter-quality. Adjective. A basketball player who is considered to have the basketball skills required to play effectively against other NBA players.

This isn’t a knock on K-Mid’s talent. I’m just saying, maybe he’s not built to go up against the league’s best power forwards night in and night out. But the Bucks are riggin’ for Wiggins, so the more below-average starters they can trot out, the better!

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