Timofey Mozgov Career High 23 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (11/13/2013)

“Hey T-Mo, great game tonight man! You’re really repping the homeland!”

Timofey jumped. He thought he had been alone in the locker room. Hurriedly closing the laptop screen, he turned around to find Evan Fournier.

“Thanks Evan. Proud glory of Rus’ flow through my veins like strong river, I guess. Haha,” Timofey said.

“What were you watching on your laptop?”

Timofey tried to play it cool. “Oh, was nothing. Just some YouTube videos of cat. Is not big deal.”

Evan got a sly look on his face. “It didn’t look like a cat to me. You were watching porn, you dirty scoundrel!”

Relief washed over Timofey. “Yeah. You know, no girlfriend, alone in locker room…it seemed like good time to turn on porn.” He moved to put his laptop in his bag. “But you interrupt me, so I go home now.”

Evan grabbed the laptop before Timofey could react. “I wanna see.” Timofey watched in frozen horror as the shooting guard opened the screen and hit the play button. His secret was soon to be revealed. He would have to quit the NBA, move back to Russia under an assumed name, never play basketball again. Probably move in with his sister too, she could hide him in the basement…

“Hey T-Mo, when does this get good?” Evan asked, puzzled eyes staring at the screen. “They’re just standing around talking in Russian, and now this lady’s crying.”

“Worry about it not. Give back laptop before I punch you,” Timofey said, standing up.

Evan was unfazed by Timofey’s threats of fisticuffs. “What’s this one called anyway? Raunchy Russians 6?” Timofey followed Evan’s eyes to to the top of the screen, where the filename of the video was broadcast in big letters: “HELGA_&_EVGENIY_Season_4_Ep_15_Russian_Soap_Opera_720p_RIP_BY_xX_RUSLORD420_Xx.mkv”

“Dude, Russian soap operas? Wait ’til the guys see this!” Evan exclaimed, running out of the locker room with laptop in hand. “Andre! J.J.! Look at what Timofey was watching!” came Evan’s voice, faint with distance.

Mozgov watched the retreating form of his teammate, not bothering to run after the much swifter player. He slumped down on the bench with his head in his hands. “French people are worst.”

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