Joakim Noah 18 Points Full Highlights (11/15/2013)

Are the Bulls better without Derrick Rose? This is a serious question. I’m not trying to hate or anything (hating a sports team or its players is ridiculous and a symptom of our conflict-driven society, but I’m rambling).

I know it’s early in the season, but Rose has been absolutely awful, he’s getting outplayed by pretty much every point guard in the league right now. It will take time to find his groove, but while he’s doing that he shouldn’t be chucking up tons of shots and trying to do too much. Just ease into it.

Meanwhile Joakim Noah is off to a somewhat tepid start to the season, but since his main value is playing such good defense that it makes Carlos Boozer’s defensive rating one of the best in the league, it doesn’t really matter. 18 points tonight is pretty good, though. He had some nice post moves but sadly didn’t take any of those tornado jumpers. That’s the most appealing aspect of his game. That and his man-bun hairstyle.

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