Andre Drummond 14 Points/1 Off Glass Alley-Oop Full Highlights (11/17/2013)

The hype train for Andre Drummond has seemed to slow down a bit after it careened recklessly through his rookie year. People were talking about “Highest rookie PER ever” and “Next Shaq” and claiming multiple all-star appearances for him. Never mind that PER is the kind of thing that loves Drummond-esque players and Shaq actually had skills coming into the league. People always want to have a shiny new thing to be excited about, and Drummond just happened to be that thing.

But now people realize that he’s basically DeAndre Jordan with slightly better defense. A good player to be sure, but nothing transcendent. Of course, he still possesses that wonderful thing called “potential”, so he can do whatever he wants and people will still love him.

Realistically if he continues at his current pace he’ll be a good center for a long time, and maybe make an All-Star game if he has a point guard who is especially good at setting him up for dunks.

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