Jeff Taylor Career High 20 Points Full Highlights (11/18/2013)

I don’t pay super close attention to Eurobasket, but I seem to remember Jeff Taylor totally dominating with the Swedish team. I bet Bobcats fans all over the country were thinking “Oh man we’re gonna be so good this season Jeff Taylor is a beast and Michael Jordan is such a good owner”.

Okay, they probably weren’t thinking that third part. But I bet a bunch of them were thinking the other stuff. And on paper their team seems okay. Until you find out that none of their players are playing any better than they did last year and a lot of them are doing worse. Except for Josh McRoberts. That guy is kicking ass.

Jeff Taylor is not kicking ass. Or, if he is, he’s doing it in a very subdued way. I sympathize. It’s hard to find the desire to contact butts with your foot if the arena you do it in is half-empty. The cure? Put Michael Jordan out there for like 10 minutes a game. Guaranteed attendance. And he’s such a winner that the Bobcats will have literally no choice but to win.

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