Nikola Pekovic 20 Points Full Highlights (11/20/2013)

“Thanks for coming in Mr. Pekovic. We are glad you want to join the prestigious Thunder organization.”

“Thank you very much for having me.”

“Let’s get down to business. We’ve looked at your resume, and it seems very impressive. Good scoring numbers on good efficiency. There’s just one little issue we’d like to bring up.”

“And what would that be?”

“It’s your rebound numbers, Mr. Pekovic. They’re a little low for someone of your supposed caliber. Let’s see here…only 9 a game. If you’re going to be our center of the future we’re going to want better than that. Do you have a reason for these, frankly, pathetically low rebounding stats?”

“I personally try very hard on every possession to secure the rebound. Rebounding is my favorite activity on the court. But if you look at the lineups I played in, many of them contained Kevin Love. He is a rebound stealer; he stole many rebounds out of my very grasp, in fact!”

“Hmm. We were willing to look past your rebounding numbers. But we cannot look past someone blatantly throwing his teammate under the bus. Here in Oklahoma City we value community and playing as a team. Selfish, me-first players are not welcome here. Thank you for your time, but I’m afraid you’re not the candidate we are looking for.”

“But it is Love who is the selfish one! Not me!”

“Security, can you please escort this man out.”

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