Caron Butler 38 Points Full Highlights (11/22/2013)

Caron Butler sucks. Do not be fooled by this expertly compiled highlight package. I’ve watched every Bucks game. He has sucked in all of them. Of all the many facets of basketball in which he displays inadequate competency, shot selection is the most glaring. He is a chucker, but not the good kind (if there is such a thing). Taking contested mid-range jumpers seems to be his favorite pastime.

His (lack of) ability, paradoxically, is a positive for Bucks fans. You can guess why. Yup, the Milwaukee fanbase is a proponent of the idea of “tanking”. And Caron Butler is the perfect “tank commander”. For myself, I don’t consider what the Bucks to be doing “tanking”. More like “rebuilding”. They’re not throwing games or resting players with phantom injuries. They try to win, but they just can’t do it. And this inability to succeed will lead to Wiggins.

Isn’t rewarding failure the last thing you want to do?

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