Anthony Bennett 9 Points Full Highlights (11/23/2013)

There has been much furor on the internet over the fact that Anthony Bennett, the Cavs numero uno pick, is playing like total garbage. You know he’s bad when people are comparing him unfavorably to Olowokandi. A keen observer might notice some other clues to his unsuitableness, like his sub-15% shooting percentage and that clip of him missing an easy dunk. (Easy for him, I mean. In DownToBuck’s world, there is no such thing as an easy dunk. Or any sort of dunk.)

He’s one of the reasons the Cavs are doing so poorly this year, although some blame can be put on Irving for not making his teammates better and Waiters for punching Irving in the face during a players-only meeting. Remember, this is the team that is supposed to lure LeBron away from Miami during free-agency. That speculation kind of seems like a funny joke now.

So has Bennett turned the corner with his 3 of 4 shooting night? I don’t know if he’s turned THE corner, but he has gone about 10° in the right direction. That’s pretty good. Ignore the 5 turnovers. That’s the price you have to pay for this kind of scoring punch (get it, PUNCH! hahahahah Dion Waiters is a lunatic) off the bench.

Editors Note:
YouTube is suggesting “Anthony Bennett (athlete)” as one of the tags for this video. Normally it suggests something like “Michael Olowokandi (basketball player)”. This is a bad omen.

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