Matthew Dellavedova 14 Points Full Highlights (11/23/2013)

The Cavs are a seriously messed up team. Rather than start their 4th pick from a year ago, they decide to start an undrafted Aussie rookie with a messed up face. Waiters is rumored to have punched Irving in a dispute during a players-only meeting. Well, he should have punched Dellavedova instead. The resultant facial damage would probably improve his appearance. (I’m here all frickin’ night)

It’s kind of similar to the situation Nate Wolters found himself in with Milwaukee. They even have the same crappy floater in their repertoires. The only difference is that Wolters is from a normal place and Dellavedova is from a place where everything is upside-down and flat-chested chicks can’t legally make a porno.

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