Jared Dudley 21 Points Full Highlights (11/24/2013)

Jared “The Duder” Dudley’s role has been reduced to “just a guy who shoots open jumpshots”. It seems every shot he takes is a cleanly set-up J from Chris Paul. He hasn’t been altogether successful at hitting them, considering how open he’s been, but that’s okay. The Clippers don’t need him to be especially good on offense.

Now is a good time to bring up my least favorite basketball neologism. “3-and-D guy”. A player who hits threes and plays defense. The byproduct of a newly efficiency-crazed league. The concept isn’t that bad; I like threes, I like defense. It’s just that I see this freshly minted term way too often. There aren’t a ton of these guys actually in the league, much less ones that you can just go out and acquire. Not every team needs one.

I only mention this because I’ve seen Dudley referred to as this. It’s kind of accurate, I guess. But he can also shoot long twos. And he’s not even that great of a defender. Just okay.

“Just okay”. That’s Dudders for you.

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