Jermaine O’Neal 18 Points Full Highlights (11/26/2013)

The first time I ever heard of Jermaine O’Neal was in the Guinness world records book. I know it seems weird, because Jermaine isn’t really the record setting type. But at the time he was the youngest player to have ever played in the NBA. If you looked now his name wouldn’t be there. Some scrub named “Andrew Bynum” took his place.

So despite the fact that he’s been in the league seemingly forever he’s actually only 35 year old. And after the healing waters (sands?) of Phoenix revitalized him, he can still probably play until he’s 40. He certainly looked spry tonight, getting the start in place of the elbow-swinging Bogut. 9 of 12 shooting, 2 dunks, damn. He even made what could be considered the “game-winning” basket with a little over 2 minutes left. Hell, I’d even consider it a buzzer-beater.

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