CJ Watson 18 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (11/27/2013)

Remember when CJ Watson was good? Don’t lie to me. You don’t remember. CJ Watson was never “good”. He has resided squarely in the state of “okay” for his entire career. He’s probably one of the most anonymous players in the league, except for Bulls fans who wish he would come back and be their starting PG.

He hasn’t been setting the world ablaze so far with the Pacers, that’s for sure. Before this game he was 6 of 29 from deep. Ouch! But it’s early enough in the season that one game can raise a shooting stat by 12 percent. He’ll have to go 9 of 9 from three next game to accomplish the same feat. Can he do it? If Ben Gordon can do it, CJ Watson can too.

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