Mirza Teletovic Career High 17 Points Full Highlights (11/27/2013)

There were lots of expectations put on the Brooklyn Nets coming into the year. Playoff team. Contender. Champion. It is now apparent that any expectations that anyone had at all for the Nets were optimistic. They suck. They have injuries, sure, but what team doesn’t? The main problem, I think, is their coach, Jason Kidd.

He isn’t just a crappy coach. He’s also a crappy human being. I know that if I played for him I simply wouldn’t be able to respect him at all. He has many flaws, personal and otherwise, such that an enumerated list would take up too much space. So I’ll just list his worst one: he doesn’t play Mirza Teletovic enough minutes.

There’s a reason this guy hasn’t found his groove in the NBA yet. He never gets to play! A rhythm shooter like him needs to play. It might take a while before he’s comfortable with his shot, but he can be a Ryan Anderson-lite if only he gets the chance.

With the Nets sucking as they usually do, Teletovic had his chance in the 4th quarter against the Lakers. He made the most of it, scoring 13 points and hitting 3 triples. A portent of future events? Perhaps! But probably not.

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