Tony Snell 18 Points Full Highlights (11/30/2013)

“Reservations for three, Mr. Snell your table is ready”.

That is in actual sentence that was actually uttered on live TV by Stacey King. Can you believe that? I’ve heard a lot of stupid crap said by basketball colormen, but this takes the stupid cake. It’s like something an overenthusiastic high school kid would come up with to announce during his school’s basketball games.

I can’t blame King for being excited, though, about Tony Snell’s first (alright maybe second) good game. He hasn’t been all that good to start the season, despite Bulls fans endless crowing before the season started. Remember, he’s a late first round pick. He’s not going to be good right away. Don’t get overexcited. All fanbases are guilty of this, in case you think I’m just being a Chicago hater. How could I hate Chicago when they have the best Italian beef?

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