Robert Sacre Career High 12 Points/4 Assists Full Highlights (12/1/2013)

Chris Kaman must really suck. Like, really really. When you’ve lost your spot in the rotation for Robert Sacre, it’s time to reconsider your life, and your priorities on the basketball court (that’s code for “play some damn defense you oaf”).

Sacre made the most of his newly acquired playing time by getting career highs in almost every stat except blocks, and also stealing the ball for the first two times in his career. He also was part of a spirited 4th quarter comeback that fell just short.

This is all very good for a guy who was known primarily for his intricate ritual towel dances on the bench. It’s never good for a basketball player to be best known for something other than playing basketball, like Dennis Rodman for being crazy or Dwyane Wade for taking steroids.

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