Isaiah Thomas 24 Points Full Highlights (12/3/2013)

Isaiah Thomas looked up to the giants towering over him in fear. They were talking about him.

“I wonder where Isaiah got off to?” asked giant-DeMarcus to his giant teammates. “He’ll probably want to join us for our night on the town.”

Giant-Greivis laughed derisively. “That little midget? Who would want to be seen with a tiny manlet like him?” The other gathered giant-teammates barked out a venomous laughter.

Giant-DeMarcus shrugged his shoulders. “You’re right. Having Tiny Thomas around would hinder all of our attempts to attract women. Nobody tell him we’re going! We don’t want him ruining our plans!”

Waving his arms, Isaiah yelled, “I’m down here, guys!” But his voice was weak and high-pitched, and nobody heard it. “Guys! I want to come too! Guys!!!”

Giant-Hamady looked around. “Did you guys hear something?”

There was an assorted murmuring of “no”, “uh-uh”, and “you should get your ears checked”. Meanwhile, Isaiah hopped up and down, attempting to attract the attention of his teammates.

His efforts were in vain, however, because at that moment, the group turned and walked towards the door. Isaiah was right in their path.

“Guys, watch out! Don’t step on me!” he yelled, turning to run away. “Help! Help!” Running away as fast as he could, he looked over his shoulder, only to see the unaware Giant-Hamady’s foot come at him from above. A foot that would soon crush him like a bug.


Isaiah woke up with a start, sweaty and breathing heavily. His abrupt awakening disturbed his cat Muggsy, who meowed and stretched.

Falling back onto his pillow, Isaiah sighed, “Muggsy, I just had the most horrible dream…”

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