Jordan Crawford 25 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/3/2013)

Has Jordan Crawford finally turned the corner? There was a period of time when he was one of the worst players in the league, but this year…he might actually be above average. All the difficult, ill-advised shots he takes are going in this year. As much as I would enjoy tearing him a new one, he actually deserves some kudos.

Here’s a list of things that I thought would happen before Crawford became a league-average player:

-LaMarcus Aldridge wins the scoring title while attempting less than one shot in the paint per game
-Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Anthony Davis form a big three in New Orleans and proceed to four-peat
-Kendrick Perkins scowls himself to death
-The league awards expansion franchises to Seattle, Kansas City, Virginia Beach, and Anaheim (because those assholes in LA need another team, thus increasing the chances that there’s a good one you can bandwagon)
-The Bucks make it out of the first round
-I move out from my parents
-I find a girlfriend
-I find a job
-I lift myself from the haze of depression, sadness, and loneliness which has consumed my life since the moment I was cruelly brought into the world by my neglectful mother, a haze that has progressively sapped any will to live that God saw fit to give me

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