Mike Miller 16 Points Full Highlights (12/7/2013)

Remember those “Heatles” t-shirts that everyone had for a while? The ones with LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. And Mike Miller? Those were halcyon days, before Miller became a walking injury report and people though he would be a major contributor. I think he had like one good game that season.

But now his time with the Heat is over, and he gets to return to his former team with the Grizzlies. He also gets to take back his former role as a basketball player. Whereas he was only a spot-up three gunner with Miami, the rest of his career he’s been a decent all-around scorer and distributor. It’s too bad that the Grizz aren’t contenders this year, because I’m sure Miller would like a third ring before the ticking time-bomb that is is his back counts down to 00:00.

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