Wilson Chandler 17 Points Full Highlights (12/9/2013)

75-74. The final score of the Wizards-Nuggets game. I watched a little bit but turned it off because it was pretty much unwatchable. Lucky for me I did, because the beginning of the game was an offensive explosion compared to the second half. Though there was a pleasing lack of free throws, which always annoy me a bit. Can’t teams ever go a couple possessions without fouling?

The end of the game was the best. The Nuggets have the ball up by one, can’t find anyone open on the inbound, and settle for throwing it to Glen Rice. The Wizards miss three shots to take the lead before Faried grabs a rebound. He then misses both of the free throws after the take. The Wizards have one more chance! And they don’t even get a shot. Thanks John Wall.

Wilson Chandler had a pretty good game amidst all of this crap, which is good for me, since I like making highlights. Especially highlights without assists. Those things take so much damn time.

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