Aron Baynes Career High 14 Points Full Highlights (12/10/2013)

The Spurs’ system makes people look good. That is a well known fact. Hell, it makes Tiago Splitter look like one of the best centers in the league, stat-wise. And we all know that he isn’t. On any other team he would be average at best.

So of course it makes sense that Aron Baynes receives the same magical elevation in quality. Well, maybe not exactly the same. This is, after all, this first game he’s played that could be construed as “above-average”. But, surprisingly, he wasn’t getting totally spoon-fed easy looks the whole game. And he scored a lot of his points in non-garbage time. Most of the time these career highs from scrubs are pretty worthless, but Baynes did damage while the game was still in doubt. He even showed some legit ability to get his own shot on that lazily-defended drive from the three-point line for a dunk.

Can we expect more performances like this in the future? Maybe! I’m not super optimistic, but maybe!

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