Martell Webster 30 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (12/16/2013)

Type “Martell Webster” into the YouTube search box and the first thing it suggests for you is “Martell Webster dunk instead of 3”. This is a travesty. Yeah, it was a stupid play, but the past is the past. W-Mart is a totally different player now. One could even posit that he has fulfilled the expectations that were placed on him as a rookie.

While he has become a valued piece for the Wizards’ puzzle, and his role in inflating John Wall’s assist totals cannot be overstated, the truth is is that he’s looking a little chubbo out there. Has he always been that ill-defined? I seem to remember him being a lot skinner when he was with Minnesota. Maybe that crappy Mohawk thing he had made him look thinner.

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