Brandon Jennings 26 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/20/2013)

Brandon “Swaggy B” Jennings is pretty much the second coming of Baron Davis. Both can put up gaudy scoring numbers while shooting poorly from the field, and both can get some nice assist totals when they feel like it. Of course, I’m talking about prime Baron Davis; today’s Baron Davis is a donut-laden, flannel-shirt wearing fat hipster who no current NBA player should be striving to emulate.

I can see why Pistons fans would be happy to get this guy. He is quite a bit better than Brandon Knight. But that’s like saying “your turd sandwich tastes less like turds than my turd sandwich, so when I get yours I’m going to pretend it’s a plate of foie gras.” Not even the steadying presence of Chauncey Billups can convince Jennings to improve his shot selection. If I were the Pistons front office, I would introduce Jennings to his new mentor: electroshock therapy! Jennings as a catatonic, emotionless zombie would be vastly preferable to Jennings in his current state.

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