John Henson 18 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (12/20/2013)

The evil Dr. Exosphere rubbed his hands together eagerly. “Yes, yes…my creation is almost ready to be unveiled!” Inside the giant test tube, a humanlike form floated in a pseudo-placental fluid. “Just one more dose of the growth hormone, and he will be ready to take the court! Basketball domination will soon be in my grasp!” he continued, cackling.

After his mirth had subsided, he pushed a button on the control panel to the side of the tube. A syringe mounted upon a robotic arm lowered itself to the being’s head and injected a synthetic concoction that only a depraved mind could have ever devised. As Dr. Exosphere watched, the being visibly stretched out another two inches. “Six foot eleven…the perfect height…”

Pushing another button, the brown-yellow liquid drained out of the tube, leaving behind only the mutant. Now a door swung open in the glass chamber, allowing the twisted doctor to retrieve his experiment.

Once the mutated freak was laid out in the clear light of the examination lab, Dr. Exosphere realized there had been some grievous mistake made. “No…no…no! The muscle definition is all wrong, and he still has the facial construction of a child!”

John Henson opened his eyes. “Hey, cool it with the insults, alright? I worked hard to put on these muscles.”

“Be silent, you vile abomination. You are interrupting science.”

“My mom says that girls will find my baby face attractive.”

Dr. Exosphere threw up his hands in frustration. “I said, silence! Wh-…where are you going!?”

John Henson had lifted himself off the table and was walking towards a door marked ‘exit’. “Man, I have no idea who you are or what you think you’re doing, but I gotta get home and feed my cats before practice starts.”

The demented scientist watched helplessly as another one of his experiments disappeared into the cold Milwaukee winter. “Note to self:” he wrote on a sticky note. “Acquire more potent chloroform.”

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