Miles Plumlee 17 Points/20 Rebounds Full Highlights (12/23/2013)

It’s obvious that the Pacers didn’t know what they had when they included Miles Plumlee as a throw-in on the Luis Scola deal. Which calls into question the quality of their coaching staff and talent evaluators. It wouldn’t be hard to beat out Ian Mahinmi or whoever for backup center minutes, and if he couldn’t do it, it was either that he just plain sucked or that he was misevaluated.

Whatever the case, he’s now playing surprisingly well for the surprisingly good Suns. He had a dub-dub in the first half. He dunked it a few times. He blocked some shots. He made a free throw. All good things for NBA centers to be able to do. Who cares about Alex Len? They don’t need him anymore.

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