Chris Kaman 19 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (12/27/2013)

Sports fandom is a funny thing. It leads otherwise rational people to behave in irrational ways and say irrational things. Case in point: Lakers’ fans reactions to signing Chris Kaman.

“He’s going to be so much better than coward he has mid range unlike him and can actually make free throws”

“hes going to be a good fit for the lakers! he has a better post game than dwight!”

“We gonna be a good team by 2014 if we get mello and james”

Well that last one is just a funny microcosm of LA entitlement. But you can’t blame the other two for being optimistic, I guess. An All-Star appearance and deviously compiled highlights can fool many a well-meaning fan. But anyone who watched Kaman last year, or any year for that matter, knows that while he may put up nice counting stats, his overall affect on the game is poor. For every slick jumper you get an ill-advised post attempt. For every block you get two missed rotations.

The Lakers have realized this and have pretty much stopped playing him barring injuries. He lost his spot in the rotation to Robert Sacre. ROBERT SACRE. That’s when you know you suck.

But the Lakers needed another big after Pau died, so here we are. Kaman had an okay game, reminiscent of the games he had in his glory days with the Clippers. If he keeps this up he might fool some people into thinking he’s good.

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