Omri Casspi 15 Points Full Highlights (12/29/2013)

Omri Casspi has had a disappointing season so far for the Rockets. They badly needed a replacement for the now-departed Carlos Delfino, and Casspi passed the eye test. He’s foreign, he doesn’t shave often enough, and he can shoot threes.

But if you’re gonna follow in the footsteps of the great Delfino, you’re gonna need to shoot a lot of threes. A LOT of threes. Like 10 or so a game. And this is where Casspi simply isn’t doing enough. 5 threes per 36 is pathetic. Delfino would should them any time, any place, five feet behind the line, it didn’t matter. Casspi needs to forget about the concepts of “good shot selection” and “coherent offensive system” and just start jacking. I would even say someone with his gifts is morally obligated to chuck threes. That is the only way he can redeem himself in my eyes.

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