Shelvin Mack 14 Points/4 Threes Full Highlights (12/29/2013)

You wanna know how you know that a team sucks at evaluating talent? Other than them being an NBA team? When they waive a player that goes on to contribute to a winning team. The Wizards did this with Shelvin Mack. He gives the Hawks some energy off the bench, and the Wizards got rid of him for nothing. It’s not like he was getting paid too much; he was a second-round pick. So the only reason I can come up with for the Wizards to waive him was to give more minutes to…AJ Price? Keep in mind, this is the same team that waived Shaun Livingston for no reason earlier that season.

I know that if you’re watching this video, you don’t want to hear about how much the Wizards suck at managing their players, so here’s some hot Mack tidbits: he’s short, he’s black, he’s a basketball player, he can probably be a reliable backup point for maybe five or ten years in the league, and he’s already made more money playing a game than everybody watching this video has made so far in their lives.

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