Terrence Ross 18 Points Full Highlights (1/1/2014)

I thought the Raptors were tanking for sure this year. A chance to draft hometown hero Wiggins? Can’t pass that up. And it certainly seemed, at the beginning of the year, that things were going according to plan. Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan were the most worthless chucking tandem this side of Ellis and Jennings.

But now they’ve gotten rid of Rudy Gay, and things are starting to go wrong. They’ve started winning games, and with the east as horribly weak as it is, their .500 record is good for the 4th seed. Their division is so dreadful that, unless they step up the losing soon, they have no choice but to win it.

Emergency measures need to be taken to ensure the integrity of the tank. Tell Terrence Ross to stop being good and to go back to his old suckiness. Trade Lowry for Raymond Felton and then shut him down for the year. Valanciunas for a 2nd rounder. Let DeMar gun for 40 every game. The tank must roll on.

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