Wesley Matthews 25 Points Full Highlights (1/2/2014)

“Defense wins championships”

– Everybody ever

This antiquated wisdom might have been true in the old days. But no longer. Not when a team like the Trailblazers is a threat for 20 threes on any given night. Who needs defense when the offensive spacing is so good that even Robin Lopez looks adequate?

It is time to shed the outdated paradigms of the past. Portland has embraced the future. They are clad in skin-tight silver bodysuits with laser pistols and hoverboards while the rest of the league toils in middle-age squalor. More threes equals more wins. There is no danger of the well of threes drying up during a playoff series and the Blazers having nothing to fall back on. How could it, when Wesley Matthews is there? Have you seen his shooting stroke? That thing would survive the apocalypse.

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