Shawn Marion 20 Points Full Highlights (1/3/2014)

Out of all the Mavericks players, Shawn Marion seems to be most excited in those lame parody videos that the Mavs media team is always cooking up. You can tell Dirk’s just annoyed, but Shawn’s always giving it his all. I admire that. It takes a lot of cojones to throw your pride out the window and act like an idiot while standing in front of a greenscreen.

Take the “What do the Mavs Say?” video. Now, this video is painfully lame and awkward, since some of the players obviously never heard that earworm-y fox song. But Shawn’s out there yelling HATEE HATEE HATEE HO like a stumbling drunkard. Is this the same willingness to play the fool that has enabled him to make it through his whole career without fixing his mangled shooting form? Probably. Either that or he derives pleasure from making people cringe.

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