Alexis Ajinça Career High 17 Points Full Highlights (1/4/2014)

You know your center situation is screwed up when you have to start a newly-signed Euro who hasn’t played in the NBA for a few years. Granted, this Euro dude was doing pretty good with his Euro team. But still. You don’t want Alexis Ajinca to be your best option at the pivot.

In fairness to Alexis, he actually did rather well tonight. He’s kind of a foul and turnover machine, but he limited those to two each in 30 minutes of action. He also totally posterized Roy Hibbert. One thing this guy can do is jump out of the arena. Combine those things and some pure-looking midrange jumpers and you might have a decent player. No longer will I confuse him and Solomon Alabi; He is a distinct human in my mind now, perhaps the highest honor available for an NBA player.

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