Klay Thompson 26 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (1/5/2014)

Klay Thompson is making me look like a fool. I was seriously on this guy’s bandwagon at the start of the year. He was killing it. Every game it seemed like he was hitting like five threes. I was proclaiming him to be a great player. But you know what happens to shooters? They get in slumps.

And Klay has been in a pretty bad one recently. It seemed like every three he took was an off-kilter brick. And since he doesn’t contribute much other than shooting prowess, he looked worthless on the court. Luckily he’s gaining back some of that mojo he had to start the year. But I’m never gonna hype him again. He is what he is: a shooter. I don’t care if he averages 20 points a game. My adoration now belongs to Andrew Bogut. Now there’s a player!

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