CJ Miles 34 Points/10 Threes Full Highlights (1/7/2014)

What’s up with NBA players and not setting the record for most threes made in a game? I mean, every single performance by every single player this year has failed in this respect. And then, when someone finally does get close, they don’t even gun selfishly for the record!

CJ Miles should have had no qualms. He’s a chucker by nature. And with 8 threes in the first half, was in prime position for inclusion in that big shiny Guinness book. But no. No threes in the 3rd. He had two quick ones in the 4th, but that was it. Franchise record? Pffft. Who cares?

I think I speak for all NBA fans when I say this: sadness consumes all aspects of existence like a black shroud thanks to CJ Miles.

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