David Lee 22 Points/18 Rebounds Full Highlights (1/7/2014)

It seems like the Warriors should be better than they actually are. They have good players at every starter spot. So why are they only recently not a .500-ish team?

David Lee doesn’t play any defense, but that’s not really the problem. He’s got Bogut backing him up so he can do whatever he wants on that end and it doesn’t make a difference. The real problem is that Mark Jackson is a horrible coach. His offensive strategy seems to be “Shoot jumpers unless David Lee has a mismatch. But never, ever let Bogut score.”

David Lee did have his share of mismatches tonight, including being guarded by Caron Butler. But even Ilyasova is totally helpless defending the post. Lee could have had way more points, easily. But Curry was content just chucking away and turning it over. That’s cool. He’s still a pretty good player.

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