Kendall Marshall 18 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (1/7/2014)

“Kendall Marshall can’t shoot” is all I keep hearing from internet commentators. At what point do we just accept that maybe he can shoot a little bit despite his lack of lift and wonked out form? He’s now shooting 56 percent from the field, and while that number will go down, he has shown at least a glimmer of scoring capability.

But obviously his most prominent talent is his distribution ability. With the Lakers needing a point guard in the worst way, Marshall is stepping up big and looking like Andre Miller or something. And you can add this stat to your “totally random stats that colormen spout during broadcasts” file: Kendall Marshall had the most assists in his first two games as a Laker starter than anyone else since 1970. Wow! Isn’t that great and not totally arbitrary!

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