Jan Vesely 12 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2014)

I’ve been watching too many Wizards games for my own good. Why do I subject myself to it? Because anything seems good compared to watching the Bucks.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that the Wizards are making a concerted effort to play Jan Vesely. He’s always looked good in Summer League, even hitting jumpers, and apparently he was beasting in Europe. But that never translates into good regular season performances. And it still hasn’t. Despite the Wizards’ best efforts, Jan still looks bad out there.

People keep talking about “confidence” with respect to this dude. But at this point is must be hard to have any at all when you’ve entirely failed to meet expectations. But there is still time. He just had an actually good game against the Pelicans. Maybe, after all this time, he will unbust himself. Now he has confidence!

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