Jonas Valanciunas 16 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (1/8/2014)

Lots of NBA players have a signature move. Dirk’s Fadeaway. Kanter’s up-and-under. Curry’s chuck-a-horrible-contested-three. They can go to those things if their team needs points.

Jonas Valanciunas had the “mini-pump-fake-at-the-elbow-hope-defender-bites-if-not-do-it-again-and-drive-for-a-dunk”. One of the first highlights I ever saw of him in his rookie year was this exact move. Though I kind of feel like its effectiveness has tapered off a bit, since it never seems he takes the jumper. He often fakes 3 or 4 times before just passing it away.

But when it does work, man, it makes his defender look like a fool. Andre Drummond was brutally victimized twice by this very move, both times for dunks. He must not have read the scouting report, which I happen to have a copy of. It reads: “When guarding Valanciunas, do NOT bite on his pump-fakes. EVER. Also, don’t fall for his pump-fakes. This is important.”

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