Anthony Davis 21 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (1/10/2014)

I’ve noticed, the last few times I’ve made Anthony Davis highlights, that he gets credit for a lot of dubious blocks. I mean, I wouldn’t consider a three point attempt that solidly hits rim “blocked”. And he never seems to really reject shots. They are barely tipped, if anything.

Not to say that Anthony Davis isn’t an intimidating defensive presence in the paint. He is. But his block numbers are a little inflated this year. Is it all a ploy to increase his marketability? Probs not. Why would you want to market the ugliest dude in the NBA? I think it’s more an issue of overzealous home scorekeepers. Check out some of the “dunks” he got credit for. If it’s not a windmill or 360, it’s not a dunk. Come on people, this isn’t hard.

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