Austin Rivers 12 Points/4 Assists Full Highlights (1/10/2013)

Austin Rivers is a bust all the way around. There is no skirting around the issue: kid just flat out sucks. But…BUT!…he has shown improvement, so there is still hope that he can make a career for himself in the NBA rather than being deported to Elbonia to play basketball with a bunch of hut-dwelling Europeans. Trust me, Austin. You do not want to play basketball in Elbonia.

In this video he dunks it. I didn’t know he could do that. If he could dunk every shot, he would probably do a lot better from the field. I have additional nuggets of wisdom that I’d be more than willing to drop, but really, I should be getting paid to say this stuff. So, until I land a coaching gig somewhere, you guys are going to miss out on my insights. Sorry.

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