Nikola Pekovic 26 Points Full Highlights (1/10/2014)

Yao Ming got tons of votes for the All-Star game even when he was injured. You all know the reason. Nationalism! The Chinese citizenry stuffed the ballot box for him.

So why can’t Montenegrins do the same for Nikola Pekovic? Are they not nationalistic enough? Knowing what I now know about that general region of Europe, I’d say that they’re plenty nationalistic. Are they just not aware? That must be it. Pekovic is playing at a near All-Star level anyway. It should be easy to convince the populace of Montenegro to vote for him. We’ve got to get the word out. Spread the good news!

Maybe some hash tags would help? #PekAllStar #MontenegroPride #AllStarGameIsRiggedByDavidStern

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