Tobias Harris 22 Points Full Highlights (1/11/2014)

Count me among the people that thought the Magic were gonna be at least okay this year. They added Oladipo in the draft to compliment their young talent. Everyone is supposed to be a year better this year. But it hasn’t worked out. At all. What’s the deal?

Well, it appears that all their young talent hasn’t gotten appreciably better, and Oladipo is being shoehorned into a position he doesn’t play very well. Combine those things with Glen Davis and Jameer Nelson chucking, Jason Maxiell doing Maxiell-like stuff, and injuries, and you get another lottery pick.

Luckily for the Magic this draft is stacked. Supposedly. I don’t exactly trust the talent evaluators of the NBA. Wiggins is nothing but athleticism and potential. Randle? Tweener chucker. Parker? Mormon. Embiid is just everyone hoping for another Olajuwon. The only safe pick is Kyle Anderson. Think about how good he would be playing alongside Tobes. modern-day Magic Johnson and modern-day Mark Aguirre? Holy mashed avocado condiment.

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