Jimmer Fredette 13 Points Full Highlights (1/12/2014)

I read something a while a go that said something to the effect of “The Kings are willing to trade anybody but Cousins. And Jimmer, because they know they can’t get anything at all for him.”

I have to wonder if maybe this recent string of half-decent play hasn’t upped his trade value to at least a second round pick. I bet there are a bunch of teams who’d give one of those up to get him.

If I had second rounders to throw around I’d definitely use one on him. Then we could hang out, watch the NBA, eat some nachos, play some ball, man, that’d be cool. Unfortunately, not being an NBA team, I am not granted selections in the upcoming draft. Damn you David Stern. Can’t even spare a pick for poor DownToBuck.

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