Evan Fournier 16 Points/1 Poster Dunk Full Highlights (1/13/2013)

Evan Fournier has put together a nice string of games recently. It’s good to see a promising rookie improve year over year. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but he’s definitely the next Manu Ginobili, minus the bald spot. He just needs to get more comfortable taking more shots. His three-point stroke is good. No reason not to take a few more of those.

The only problem I have with Fournier isn’t even really his fault. Sometimes, after he makes a basket, the Nuggets commentator says some random phrase in French. Last time it was “Bon voyage”, this time it was “Oui oui”. You don’t hear that with other foreign players. Do the Mavericks announcers exclaim “Wunderbar!” after Dirk splashes a trey? No. This is America. We speak American.

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